South Padre Dashboard

People like beach condominiums on South Padre Island, great views, low maintenance, two bedrooms are the best value, easier to sell and provide the best CAP rate and ROI. More importantly, South Padre Island has a resort style beach, the best sand, sun, and turquoise water on the Texas coast, meaning it has a nice … Read more

Texas Coast Area Comparisons

The pandemic market bubble has coalesced the coastal DOMs (days on market) like never before, it will be interesting to see if these return to their pre-pandemic differences as each area adapts to reduced demand in 2023-2024. The pandemic market bubble increased prices in the second-home areas of Port Aransas, South Padre, and Crystal Beach … Read more

Texas Coast Dashboard

Price and days on market (DOM) are the best indicators of real estate performance on the Texas coast, and can be used year-round, despite our strong seasonal swings. Total sales and number-of-sales, volume metrics, are often used in metro real estate markets to gauge demand but are not accurate for our small coastal markets on … Read more

Is your real estate market in decline?

Real estate marketing trends can be influenced by a variety of factors, including economic conditions, interest rates, demographic changes, and local real estate market conditions. Here are some ways to know if real estate marketing is going up or down: Monitor Housing Prices: One of the most obvious indicators of the state of the real … Read more